Key Issues

Key Issues

I am running for the United States Senate to represent the state of California

Election Reform

Across the United States, the right to vote is under attack. Laws restricting voter registration drives, eliminating same-day voter registration, reducing the early voting period, have been enacted.

I propose to bring in legislation ends partisan gerrymandering, bans voter roll purging and expands automatic voter registration.

Campaign Finance

Since 2010, hundreds of millions of dollars have poured into campaigns as a result of Supreme Court decisions which allow corporations to run campaign ads by spending unlimited funds. SCOTUS has also struck down decades of restrictions on corporate spending in electoral campaigns as well as limits on overall federal campaign contributions.

I propose to introduce bills that set reasonable limits on campaign contributions and independent expenditures by corporations and wealthy individuals.

Creative Industries and Intellectual Property

Millions of jobs depend on American music, film, software, gaming, and book and journal publishing industries. They are also among America’s top exporters.

I will work to protect intellectual property and ensure that American businesses are not forced to compete with foreign companies who cut production costs by using unlicensed software or pirated scientific articles.

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

We need to build safe and secure communities. We must create drug-free and crime-free schools, protect children from predators, improve police-community relations, build greater reliance on solving crimes with DNA evidence, reduce rape-kit backlog.

I hope to help reform our criminal justice system with greater investment of critical resources in the prevention and intervention of criminal activity.


Today, Americans owe a shocking $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, the second-highest form of consumer debt behind mortgage debt. Far too many students who choose to pursue higher education are ending up with crippling debt. We need to bring down the costs of higher education and the debts that go along with it.

We also need to ensure that adequate funding is arranged to make early education accessible to all kids, including children whose parents can’t afford preschool or childcare.

Energy and Environment

Human activities are contributing to climate change and it has immense consequences for our environment, food supply, global economy and national security. Today, there is nothing more critical to the future of our world than investing in clean and renewable energy and ensuring that we are protecting the environment.

We also need to devise a plan to rehabilitate the ageing water infrastructure in the state. After five consecutive years of drought, we have faced intense flooding in the last couple of years. We need to make sure that our dams and levees are reinforced to take the added burden.

Climate change is largely responsible for the spate of wildfires in 2017 and 2018. Experts say that what we're seeing during the wildfire season in California is consistent with effects of Global Warming and increasing temperatures and dryness creating a greater wildfire risk.

Health Care

After education, health care is one of the primary reasons Americans are falling into the debt-trap. We need to ensure that low-income children and families, seniors, pregnant women, and people with disabilities have access to free or low-cost quality health care.

On the other hand we also need to ensure that the health care workforce receives adequate reimbursement. We need to augment the healthcare workforce as well as improve the facilities at community health centers.

Housing Reform

Today California has the highest rates of foreclosure in the country, coupled with extremely high property values. Lack of affordable housing and soaring rents are driving the state towards increased homelessness and displacement. A McKinsey report says that California is short of around 3.5 million.

As of January 2018, California had an estimated 129,972 experiencing homelessness on any given day, as reported by Continuums of Care to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

We need to bring in reforms in the housing sector with steps such as rapid re-housing, deploy a housing-first policy, improve landlord engagement, build better infrastructure for supportive housing.

LGBT Equality

In 2015, the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage across the country. Since then, the country has seen rapid growth in assimilation and acceptance of LGBTQ community. I strongly believe everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, should be treated equally under the law.

However we still have a long way to go towards ensuring full justice to the LGBTQ community. I will strive to build consensus and bring in legislation for comprehensive and nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ individuals in public spaces and services, education, housing, employment, credit, federally funded programs, and jury service.

National Security

The challenges posed by al Qaeda have splintered, but there are forces that are still loyal to core Al Qaeda in Yemen and North Africa. At the same time we are facing a new challenge in the region in the form of ISIS. We need to face these with a broad array of strategies including airstrikes, limited use of land forces, choking off of ISIS’s finances and using our counter-intelligence agencies.

While facing challenges abroad we also need to ensure that we need to maintain a balance between gathering vital intelligence data and safeguarding the constitutional protections to our citizens. We can do both and I shall support efforts in the Congress to enact stronger safeguards to protect the privacy of citizens.

Seniors and Social Security

Social security is the most successful anti-poverty program in our nation’s history. It has helped millions of seniors achieve financial security. Social security serves the older and disabled Americans who depend on it for benefits that often are their only source of funds for housing, food and other necessities of life.

I am committed to ensuring that social security continues to work for this generation and the next.

Space Exploration

America has always been a global leader in space exploration. Many of our high-tech and emerging industries owe their development to the expansion of our space research program. In the last few years we have seen the successful culmination of several years of research with our missions to Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Now is not the time to cut funding to our research programs.

I am committed to ensure that we support our space research programs as they continue to develop programs for human flight program.

Transportation and Quality of Life

Transportation issues are critical to our everyday lives and California's economy. We must continue to improve roads and highways to increase driver safety and reduce congestion. We also need to invest in alternative transportation mediums such as light rail. These alternatives are increasingly necessary for the growth of region, and will also help reduce pollution and traffic congestion.


Today there are a number of issues plaguing our veterans. From education to healthcare, from employment opportunities to homelessness, our veterans are not receiving the retirement benefits that they have rightfully earned. We owe it to these veterans to make sure that they and their families are cared for.
I shall continue supporting all legislation that ensures a fair compensation and greater befits to our veterans.