Dr. Akinyemi Agbede

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Welcome to Dr. Akinyemi Agbede

Welcome to Dr. Akinyemi Agbede

Issues We Face

Issues We Face

Today California is besieged by environmental issues like recurring fire threats and acute water shortage. We have the highest poverty rates in the country, exacerbated by the acute shortage of affordable housing, high rate of unemployment, and sky-high costs.

On the social front we are plagued by prison over-crowding and bureaucratic bottlenecks. In education, on one hand we have a horrible K-12 ranking and on the other hand we are hamstrung by poor teacher training. Traffic congestions and poor pavement conditions force longer commutes for our working class. These are all stark realities too terrible to bear and they threaten our economy, environment and diversity.


With me representing the people of California in the Congress, you will have someone who truly has your back, who listens to your concerns and who works tirelessly to help every member of our company.

A mathematician by profession, I will be focusing on ensuring that we invest the state’s revenues in the right policies and programs that help the common man. Diversity and building an inclusive society are at the core of my campaign. I strongly believe everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, should be treated equally under the law.


I wish to offer ideas and leadership on a proper utility of our vast human and natural resources to address the realistic issues that bedevil our economy by involving all Californians in the process of tackling them, while maintaining our social justice system that opens her arms to all.

Please join me so we can together, let farmers be farmers and entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs, making government more about the people than about who is in government.


As a blessed and naturally endowed State, California has unfortunately, repeatedly failed to make the right investment decisions on sustainable policies. In my opinion, merely balancing the budget is the least expected of any government and I earnestly hope to utilize any opportunity to serve, as a chance to restore California’s lost and continually eroding glory days.


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